Harbour Grace Ocean Enterprises, Harbour Grace NL

Most recent update: May 8, 2019.

Harbour Grace Ocean Enterprises (HGOE) is about as close as you can get to Europe and still be in a North American shipyard.  Vessels have been built and repaired here for over 200 years and HGOE has revived the tradition in their well-laid out and equpped yard.  Visit them at www.hgoe.ca.  The yard is on Water Street, at the intersection with Beach Hill: see it from the air on Google here.   If anyone can add to the table below, please send your info to me at timcolton@aol.com

Hull # O.N. Original Name Original Owner Vessel Type GT m. Built Disposition
    Nellie C Roy Careen Fishing Vessel   12 2016 Active
 8 840930 Atlantic Voyager Thorne Enterprises Fishing Vessel  242 22 2016 Active
9 C26371NS   Passage Pride Enterprise Fishing Vessel 15 12 2016 Active
  841181 Double Trouble XXX Fishermens Cove Fisheries Fishing Vessel 15 12 2017 Active
  841925 Scotia Osprey   Fishing Vessel 176 20 2018 Active
 16 842552 Harbour Grace Gestion Donald Duguay Fishing Vessel 149 18 2017 Active
 17 842511 Family Endeavour Family Pride Fisheries Fishing Vessel 15 12 2019 Active