Merchant Ship Construction in U.S. Shipyards


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Ships Built for the U.S. Shipping Board (USSB)
Table of U.S. Shipping Board Design Codes (to come)
Ship Type # of Ships Updated (mmm-yy)
General Cargo Ships Built in Atlantic Coast Shipyards 540 Aug-08
General Cargo Ships Built in Gulf Coast Shipyards 38 Aug-08
General Cargo Ships Built in Great Lakes Shipyards 368 Aug-08
General Cargo Ships Built in Pacific Coast Shipyards 422 Aug-08
General Cargo Ships Built Overseas 49 Aug-08
Tankers and Navy Oilers 153 Aug-08
Lakers and Colliers 75 Aug-08
Refrigerated Cargo Ships 19 Aug-08
Passenger Ships, Transports and Troopships 48 Aug-08
Barges 9 Jul-14
Tugs 126 Jul-14
Wooden Ships and Barges 513 Jul-14
Concrete and Composite Ships and Barges 30 Aug-08
Total 2,399  



Ships Built for the U.S. Maritime Commission (USMC)
Table of U.S. Maritime Commission Design Codes
Type # of Ships Updated (mmm-yy)
EC2 (Liberty) Cargo Ships Part 1: EMC #s 1 thru 417 362 Apr-08
EC2 (Liberty) Cargo Ships Part 2: EMC #s 418 thru 767 329 Apr-08
EC2 (Liberty) Cargo Ships Part 3: EMC #s 768 thru 1098 307 Apr-08
EC2 (Liberty) Cargo Ships Part 4: EMC #s 1099 thru 1551 138 Apr-08
EC2 (Liberty) Cargo Ships Part 5: EMC #s 1552 thru 1915 325 Apr-08
EC2 (Liberty) Cargo Ships Part 6: EMC #s 1916 thru 2292 377 Apr-08
EC2 (Liberty) Cargo Ships Part 7: EMC #s 2293 thru 2683 391 Apr-08
EC2 (Liberty) Cargo Ships Part 8: EMC #s 2684 thru 3148 451 Apr-08
Sub-Total, Liberty Ships 2,680  
VC2 (Victory) Cargo Ships 550 Nov-09
C1 Cargo Ships 493 Aug-09
C2 Cargo Ships 328 Mar-10
C3 Cargo Ships 237 Apr-08
C4 Cargo Ships 75 Apr-08
C5 (Dry Bulk) Cargo Ships 8 Apr-08
L6 (Dry Bulk) Cargo Ships (Lakers) 16 May-08
N (Coastal Cargo) Ships 109 Apr-08
P (Passenger) Ships 30 Apr-08
R (Refrigerated Cargo) Ships 41 Apr-08
S (Special-Purpose, i.e., Naval) Ships 286 Apr-08
V Ships (Tugs) 147 Apr-10
B Ships (Barges and Other Types) 149 Apr-08
T1 Tankers 113 Jun-08
T2 Tankers 533 Apr-08
T3 Tankers 63 Apr-08
Sub-Total, All Other Types 3,178  
Total 5,858  



Oceangoing Ships and Barges Built in the U.S. Since WWII
Table of ships built to MARAD designs, by MARAD hull #
Type # of Ships Updated (mmm-yy)
Containerships 47 May-15
Ro-Ro Ships 38 May-15
Barge Carriers 25 May-15
Break-Bulk Cargo Ships 176 Jun-15
Dry Bulk Carriers 12 May-15
Lakers 50 Jun-15
Tankers Built Before the MMA of 1970 237 Jun-15
Tankers Built Since the MMA of 1970 158 Jun-15
LNG Carriers 16 May-15
Passenger Liners 10 May-15
Special-Purpose Ships Built Under the MMA 30 Jun-15
Sub-Total, Merchant Ships 799  
Offshore Drilling Rigs 377 Jun-15
Lift Boats 309 Jun-15
Ferries over 100 GT 195 Jun-15
Research Vessels 142 Jun-15
Dredges 47 Jun-15
Other Oceangoing Ships 16 Jun-15
Sub-Total, Other Oceangoing Ships and Rigs 1,086  
Large Tank Barges (Single-Hull)    
Large Tank Barges (Double-Hull)    
Large Dry Bulk Barges    
Large Container/Roro Barges    
Large Deck Barges    

Sub-Total, Large Barges