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Bordelon Marine Shipbuilders, Houma LA

(formerly Mariner Shipyard Services, LLC [~1980-2010])

Most recent update: January 12, 2016.

In 2010 Bordelon Marine acquired the property at the west end of Thompson Road, which had previously been operated by Mariner Shipyard, and rebuilt it for the construction of large modern PSVs.  Visit the company at www.bordelonmarine.com.  See the shipyard from the air on Google here.  If anyone can add to the table below, please send your info to me at timcolton@aol.com.

Hull # O.N. Original Name Original Owner Type GT Built Disposition

Built by Bordelon Marine Shipbuilders

101 1247230 Connor Bordelon Bordelon Marine PSV 2,157 27-Dec-13 Active
102 1259393 Shelia Bordelon Bordelon Marine PSV 2,312 10-Apr-15 Active
103 1264936 Brandon Bordelon Bordelon Marine PSV 2,378 18-Nov-15 Active

Built by Mariner Shipyard Services

    Lady Francis Patton G Supply Boat 154 1989 Active (Tahiti)
129   Island Express G & G Marine Supply Boat 421 1999 Active (Belize)
137 1124024 Lady Deborah Lady Deborah LLC Fishing Vessel 147 2002 Active
140   Cobia III SNC Hargous et Cie. Cargo 404 2005 Active
141 1193486 Smith Invader Two Brothers Marine Towboat 238 2006 Active
142 1203572 Karla F Superior Energy Services PSV 99 2008 Active
143 1215305 Gulf Quest Gulf Fleet Mgmt. PSV 193 2009 Now Odyssea Valor
144 1212334 Gulf Wolf Gulf Fleet Mgmt. PSV 193 2009 Now Night Moves
145 1211313 Smith Predator KJS Towing Towboat 238 2008 Active
146 1221799 Ella Claire Cheramie Holdings Utility Boat 91 2009 Now Josephine K Miller