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Halter Marine, Pierre Part LA

Most recent update: August 26, 2014.

Halter Pierre Part was acquired in 1973 but closed in 1978.  It was located on Highway 70, midway between Pierre Part and Morgan City: see it from the air on Google here  If anyone can add to the table below, please send your info to timcolton@aol.com .

HMI # O.N. Original Name Original Owner Type GT Built Disposition
464 562043 Mister Bob Jackson Marine  AHT 180 1974 Now Chamorro (Guam)
466 565026 Mister Alan Jackson Marine  AHT 180 1975 Now Honcho
468 567629 Capt. Miller   Tug 183 Jan-76 Now Nokea
469 570691 Capt. Paul   Tug 173 Jan-75 Later Sea Star, now Sea Service
499 571493 Andrew Martin AMT Marine AHT 198 Mar-76 Later Robert L. Torres, Jacklyn M, now G. L. Ostrander
547 574106 Juan J. Orgeron Montco PSV 234 Jun-76 Later HOS Count Turf, Count Turk, now Turk
548 576643 Chief Gisclair Montco PSV 234 Oct-76 Later HOS Count Fleet, now Count Fleet (Nigeria)
662 587607 Angela Briley Briley Marine OSV 93 1977 Now Brutus
688 598839 Emar J. Eymard C & E Boat Rental OSV 93 1978 Later Nacis John Jr., Audrey B, now Lanie Marie
757 595039 Cavalier State Great Lakes Dredge Tug 38 1978 Active