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W. F. Stone & Son, (The Stone Boat Yard), Oakland CA

Most recent update: January 29, 2013.

William I. Stone, from Dartmouth, England, established a boatyard in the Hunter's Point area of San Francisco in 1853, where he specialized in building commercial schooners and tugboats as well as racing and recreational yachts.  He was in business until 1892, when his son, Frank, took over, moving the business to Beach Street in Tiburon, to a site that is now occupied by Sam's Anchor Cafe.  Then, in 1899, Frank moved the operation again, to Harbor View, in San Francisco.  In 1911, he was evicted from this location and moved to a site at the foot of Diesel Way, in Oakland, adjacent to the Union Diesel Engine Company.  Frank's son, Lester, joined the business at this time and the name was changed to W. F. Stone & Son.  Then, in 1923, Frank Stone died and Lester Stone became the sole proprietor.  Following the entry of the United States into World War II and the subsequent expansion of Union Diesel, however, W. F. Stone & Son got evicted yet again and moved across the estuary to Alameda, to a location on Blanding Avenue.  Lester Stone retired in 1970 and the yard was sold to John Whitset, but continued to do business as and be known as the Stone Boat Yard.  It declared bankruptcy in 1986 and was sold again, to Bill and Grace Bodle, then again in 2000 to David Olson.  It closed for good in 2004.  See the final site from the air on Google here.  Despite this long life, there is very little about the Stone Boat Yard on the internet, at least that I can find.  If anyone can add to the table below, which is seriously incomplete, please e-mail me at timcolton@aol.com.

Hull # Original Name Original Owner Type Tons Built Disposition
Built by Stone & Swann in Tiburon (1853-1899)
  Edna   Sloop      
  La Paloma   Schooner      
  Sappho   Yacht      
  May   Sloop      
  Speedwell   Sloop   1896 Later Felicity
  Presto   Sloop   1898 Lost off Half Moon Bay 1941
Built by Stone & Van Bergen in San Francisco (1900-1911) - 46 boats
  Richmond Atchison Topeka Tug   1900 Sold to Crowley 1926
  Santa Barbara Hanify & Co Cargo Ship 695 1900 Scuttled 1943
  W. H. Marston Marston & Godfrey Schooner 1,169 1901 Lost in hurricane off New Orleans
  Santa Monica Hanify & Co Cargo Ship 497 1902 To USN 1942 as YP 528, later YDG 4, wrecked in New California 1943, sold 1945
  Soquel Hanify & Co Schooner   1902  
  Salem   Schooner 767 1902  
  Oakland Hogan Lumber Schooner 418 1902  
  Elizabeth E. T. Kruse Cargo Ship 363 1903 Foundered 90nm NW Tres Marias Is 1946
  Lady Ada   Yacht 28 1903 Active
  Sausalito   Schooner 367 1903  
  Commodore   Bay Freighter      
  Eagle   Bay Freighter      
  Gov. M. B. M.   Bay Freighter      
  Arabs   Bay Freighter 155 1904  
  Vixen   Sloop   1904 Active
  Anvil John J. Sesnon Co Cargo Ship 363 1905 Deleted 1941
  Yankee   Schooner 20 1906 Active
  Pronto   Sloop   1907  
  Martha J. R. Hanify Schooner 30 1907 Later owned by James Cagney, Edgar Kaiser, still active
  Fulton G   Sloop   1908  
  Carlos J. Homer Fritch Inc Cargo Ship 865 1908 Breakwater off Point San Pablo 1939
  Crowley No. 6 Crowley L & T Tug   1908  
  Crowley No. 7 Crowley L & T Tug   1908  
  Eanijen Rakijen Williams, Dimond Trading Schooner 197 1908  
  Neptun Williams, Dimond Trading Schooner 197 1909 Later Minnow, Tagua 1921, wrecked off Tahanea 1961
  Chilkat   Cargo Ship   1910  
  Soquel   Schooner   1910  
  Moana Soc. Com. de l'Oceanie Trading Schooner 200 1911 Burnt off Anaa Island 1953
  Atlas Williams, Diamond Trading Schooner 209 1911  
  Crowley No. 14 Crowley L & T Tug   1911  
  Crowley No. 15 Crowley L & T Tug   1911  
  Crowley No. 16 Crowley L & T Tug   1911  
Built by W. F. Stone & Son at Kennedy and Bocimer Streets in Oakland (1912-1941) - 88 boats
  Lark Hunt, Hatch & Co. Bay Freighter   1912  
  Golden State Union Fish Co Schooner 354 1913 Sold in Costa Rica 1943
  Clarinda John W. Pew Schooner   1914 Later Viking IV
  Hermes Williams, Diamond Schooner 209 1914 To USN 1917 as USS Hermes, to Hawaii 1919, sold 1926 as Lanikai, to USN 1941 as USS Lanikai, to RAN 1942 as HMAS Lanikai, returned to owner 1946, sunk by typhoon in Subic Bay 1947
  Standard No. 1 Standard Oil Bay Freighter 108 1913  
  Daniel Co. No. 1 Daniel Contracting Barge    1914  
  Daniel Co. No. 2 Daniel Contracting Barge    1914  
  Daniel Co. No. 3 Daniel Contracting Barge    1914  
  Pirate Union Fish Co Cannery Tender   1914  
  Pronto II   Sloop   1914  
  Crowley No. 17 Crowley L & T Passenger   1915 Converted to tug 1947
  Crowley No. 18 Crowley L & T Passenger   1915 Converted to tug 1947
  Crowley No. 19 Crowley L & T Tug    1915  
  Crowley No. 20 Crowley L & T Tug    1915  
  Crowley No. 23 Crowley L & T Passenger   1915 Converted to tug 1947
  Crowley No. 24 Crowley L & T Passenger   1915 Converted to tug 1947
  Pedro Costa   Bay Freighter      
  Paladini Bros Paladini Bros Bay Freighter   1915 Later Crowley No. 9, Ajax
  Alex. Volta   Bay Freighter       
  Polar Bear   Bay Freighter      
  Westward J. R. Hanify Sloop   1915 N-class
  Lady Betty   Sloop   1915 6-meter No. 1
  Bob   Sloop   1916  
  Frank B Frank B. Peterson Co Bay Freighter    1916  
574 Viva  Charles Adams Yawl   1916  
  U. S. Grant   Tug     Later Hercules
  Ryder Hanify J. R. Hanify Co Steamer 1,363 May-17 To France as Gabriel 1917, returned 1921, renamed George L. Olson, wrecked Coos Bay 1944
  Robert C. Sudden Sudden & Christensen Steamer 1,363 Jun-17 To France as Hadrumette 1917, returned 1921, renamed Robert C. Sudden, later John C. Kirkpatrick 1922, Margaret Berg 1935, Cornelia 1936, West Coast 1940, exploded and burnt in L.A. harbor 1946
  Mauno Burmes-Philip Co. Schooner 253 Oct-17  
  Motau Burmes-Philip Co. Schooner 253 Oct-17  
  Murua Burmes-Philip Co. Schooner 253 Dec-17  
  Junta F. E. Booth Co. Fishing Boat   1918  
  Leader Frank B. Peterson Co Cannery Tender   1918  
  Palawan   Schooner 818 1918 Bombed and sunk in London in WWII
  Doris Crane Wrightman & Crane Schooner 351 1920 Burnt 240nm N Honolulu 1927
  Mikioi Young Bros. Tug   1920  
  Sea Lion US Shipping Board Tug 472 Jan-21 Completed for Crowley, deleted 1944
  Sea Monarch US Shipping Board Tug 472 Mar-21 Completed for Crowley, in collision and sank off Bush Point 1925
  Sea Ranger US Shipping Board Tug 472 May-21 Completed for Crowley, to USN 1942 as Wampatuck (YT 337), deleted 1955
  Sea Scout US Shipping Board Tug 472 Jun-21 Completed for Crowley, scrapped 1948
  No name US Shipping Board Tug 472   Cancelled
  No name US Shipping Board Tug 472   Cancelled
  No name US Shipping Board Tug 472   Cancelled
  Alice A   Aux. Ketch   1921  
  Rascal   Sloop   1921 R-class No. 3
  Corinthian II   Sloop   1921 R-class
  Sparrow   Cannery Tender   1922  
  W. C. F. No. 2   Fishing Boat   1922  
  Oakland   Freighter 225 1923  
  Lucky Strike       1924  
  Corinthian Star       1924  
  Emerald F. A. Hyde Yawl 16 1924 Active in Marina del Rey
  Sally Daniel Contracting Tug   1924  
  Fram Naknek Packing Cannery Tender   1925  
  Nancy Jane Jules Bernheim Cruiser   1925  
  Aloha Frank B. Drake Aux. Ketch   1927  
  Noname Hart S. Weaver Ketch   1927 Later Tavana, Mandalay
  Northern Light John Borden Schooner 247 1927  
  Machree       1927  
  Marquita       1927  
  Migirl Lester Stone Aux. Sloop 17 1928 Later Water Witch
  Born Again Crowley L & T Tug 47 1928 Active as a yacht
  Puffin   Sloop   1928 Bird-class No. 12
  Cuckoo   Sloop   1929 Bird-class No. 16
  Robin   Sloop   1929 Bird-class No. 18
  Polly C. R. Rodgers Sloop   1929 Bird-class No. 19
  ? Hart S. Weaver Schooner   1929  
  Wanderer II Frank Cox Schooner   1930  
1158 Buccaneer H. E. McCarthy Sloop   1931  
  Marilen Lester Stone Ketch   1931  
  Iris George F. Grant Sloop   1934  
  Marilyn J Marc A. Maluda Yacht 14 1934 Active
  Helaine C. S. Crittenden Sloop   1936  
  Kivi Robert Doolittle Tahiti Ketch   1936  
  Westerner Frank B. Drake Sloop   1936  
  Senta K. K. Bechtel Sloop 18 1937 Active
  Kirawan   Sloop 18 1937  
  Sonata Gordon Strawbridge Sloop   1941  
Built by W. F. Stone & Son at Blanding Avenue in Alameda (1942-1978) - 41 boats
  YMS 299 US Navy Minesweeper 278 7-Apr-43 Reclassified 1947 as Rhea (AMS 52), sold 1960 as training ship in Port Stanley ON, scrapped 1997
  YMS 300 US Navy Minesweeper 278 3-Jul-43 Struck 1946
  YMS 301 US Navy Minesweeper 278 11-Sep-43 To the USSR 1945 as T-605, scrapped 1956
  YMS 302 US Navy Minesweeper 278 5-Nov-43 Struck 1948
  PCS 1421 US Navy Sub Chaser 278 19-Feb-44 Sold 1947
  PCS 1422 US Navy Sub Chaser 278 24-Apr-44 Sold 1947
  YT 254 US Navy Tug 260 24-Aug-44 Later Menatonon, struck 1960
  YT 255 US Navy Tug 260 30-Sep-44 Later Kennesaw, struck 1960
  Nancy T Tarantino et al. Purse Seiner   1945  
  Tasco Thomas A. Short Yawl   1947  
  Ulalume Bud George Sloop   1948  
  Alert K. K. Bechtel Ketch 30 1949 Active
  Flame Jack Erhorn Racing Sloop   1949 Yankee One-Design No. 34
  Venture   Racing Sloop   1950 Yankee One-Design No. 36
  Tarfon   Racing Sloop   1950 Yankee One-Design No. 37
  Yankee Clipper Frank Stone Racing Sloop   1950 Yankee One-Design No. 38
  Yankee Doodle Frank Stone Racing Sloop   1950 Yankee One-Design No. 39
  Flotsam Jack Erhorn Racing Sloop   1950 Yankee One-Design No. ??
  Orient Tim Moseley        
  Sirius II   Yacht      
  Adios II   Yacht      
  Charlie Mar          
  Tasco II Thomas A. Short Sloop   1955  
  Vaya Lester Stone Sloop   1955  
  Morning Star       1956 Sank in Mexico
  Coral J. Echerick Sloop   1956  
  Foxen Leonard A. Brown Sloop 14 1957 Active
  Little Packet Christopher Jenkes Sloop   1959  
  Spartan Jack Tibbetts Sloop 10 1960 Active
  Yohoho Lloyd Rees Ketch   1962  
  Rowena Donald Dalziel Sloop 18 1964 Active
  No name Cal. Maritime Surf Boat   1965-70 At least four boats
  Scamp Lester Stone Sloop   1967  
  Dina Maria   Yacht 15 1970 Active
  Spinster Douglas Meacham Fishing Boat   1970  
  St. Francis V   Sloop   1973  
  Wailua   Tour Boat   1973  
  Kauai   Tour Boat   1974  
  Kawili   Tour Boat   1974  
  Natoma Donald Dalziel Ketch 52 1975 Active
  Rolling Stone   Sloop   1975  
  Shaft       1976  
  Outrageous   Sloop   1977  
  Charisma   Yacht   1978 Active (Mexico)
Built by the Stone Boat Yard at Blanding Avenue in Alameda (1979-2004)
  Hummingbird   Passenger 17 1990 Active
  Judy I   Tug 9 1993 Active