Fields Landing CA

Most recent update: August 31, 2021.

Eureka Shipbuilding was started in 1941 for the war effort and renamed Eureka Boat Building & Repair in 1947.  If anyone can tell me anything more about this shipyard or add to the table below, please send your info to

Hull # O.N. Name Owner Type # Tons Ft. Delivery Disposition
Built by Eureka Shipbuilding
1   Port Costa U.S.M.C. V2-M-AL1 1566 90d 66 Jan-44 To Britain as a TUSA
2   Port San Luis U.S.M.C. V2-M-AL1 1567 90d 66 Feb-44 To Britain as a TUSA
3   Port Chicago U.S.M.C. V2-M-AL1 1568 90d 66 Mar-44 To Britain as a TUSA
4   Port Gamble U.S.M.C. V2-M-AL1 1569 90d 66 Apr-44 To Britain as a TUSA
5   Port Tobacco U.S.M.C. V2-M-AL1 1570 90d 66 Jun-44 To Britain as a TUSA
6 254364 Port Haywood U.S.M.C. V2-M-AL1 1571 90d 66 Jul-44 To Britain as TUSA 229, to USN as YT 718, sold 1947 as Limpiar VI, deleted 198x
Built by Eureka Boat Building & Repair
1 251558 A. N. Lucido Frank J. Leard Fishing   42g 47 1947  
2 253402 Vitina A Diego Aranclo Fishing   52g 51 1947 Now Anna S