Harvey LA

Most recent update: June 19, 2020.

In 2017, Florida Marine Transportation, (FMT), one of the boatbuilding industry's best customers, bought Nabors Offshore's operating base at 3640 Peters Road, in Harvey, and reestablished it as a shipyard.  Visit the company at and see it from the air on Google here.  And if you can add to or correct the table below, please send your input to me at   
Hull # O.N. Original Name Original Owner Ship Type GT Ft. Built Disposition
101 1279888 Jesse D. Pasentine Florida Marine Tptn. Towboat 546 116 16-Nov-17 Active
102 1288926 Gianna Hull Florida Marine Tptn. Towboat 549 116 3-Oct-18 Active
103 1293801 Brent Ice Florida Marine Tptn. Towboat 469 116 20-May-19 Active
104 1299327 Louis Develle Florida Marine Tptn. Towboat 469 116 16-Jan-20 Active