U.S. Builders of Yachts Who Were Active in Wartime

In both world wars, many existing yacht builders made a significant contribution.  In WWI, these yards mostly switched their capacity to the construction of sub chasers, a type of boat that was obviously well suited to their capabilities.  In WWII, they built sub chasers again but they also built very large numbers of minesweepers, tugs and other small vessels, in both steel and wood.  The tables in this section are far from complete, some only covering the yard's wartime output, and not always that much, because neither yacht construction nor wartime construction of small vessels are well documented.


Location State Most Recent Update WWI WWII


Quincy Adams Yacht Yard (formerly F. D. Lawley)

Quincy MA Oct-15 x

Chance Marine Construction (later Annapolis Yacht Yard, John Trumpy & Sons)

Annapolis MD Nov-15 x x

Calderwood Yacht Yard (now Manchester Marine)

Manchester MA Nov-14 x

Casey Boatbuilding

Fairhaven MA Nov-16 x


Algonac MI Aug-15 x

Consolidated SB (formerly Gas Engine & Power Co. and Charles L. Seabury Co.)

Morris Heights NY Oct-16 x x

Davis & Sons, M. M. (later Cruis-Along Boats)

Solomons MD Nov-15 x x

Dawn Cruisers (later Wheeler Yachts)

Clason Point NY Nov-15 x

Dodge Boat & Plane

Newport News VA Nov-14 x

Electric Launch Co. (ELCO)

Bayonne NJ Aug-17 x x

Fellows & Stewart

San Pedro CA Nov-15 x

Gamage, Harvey F. (also known as Bristol Yachtbuilding)

Bristol ME Nov-14 x

Goudy & Stevens

East Boothbay ME Oct-15 x

Grebe & Co., Henry C. (formerly Great Lakes BB)

Chicago IL Dec-15 x x

Herreshoff Mfg (powered boats and yachts)

Bristol RI Dec-15 x x

Herreshoff Mfg (sailing boats and yachts)

Bristol RI Dec-15 x x

Hutchinson's Boat Works

Alexandria Bay NY Nov-14 x x

Jacob, Robert (formerly David Carll SY and Piepgras & Co, later Consolidated SB)

City Island NY Dec-14 x x

Kretzer Boat Works

City Island NY Dec-14 x

Kyle & Purdy (formerly Purdy & Collison and City Island SB, later T. A. Kyle SY and Murphy SY)

City Island NY Dec-14 x x

Lawley & Sons, George

Neponset MA Dec-15 x x

Luders Marine Construction

Stamford CT May-18 x x

Mathis Yachts (later John Trumpy & Sons)

Camden NJ Nov-15 x x

Matthews Boat Company

Port Clinton OH Oct-16 x x

Minneford Yacht Yard

City Island NY Dec-14 x

Nevins, Henry B

City Island NY Dec-14 x x

New York Yacht, Launch & Engine Company

Morris Heights NY Nov-15 x x

Owens Yachts

Baltimore MD Jan-17 x

Rice Brothers Corp.

East Boothbay ME Nov-14 x

Richardson Boat

N. Tonawanda NY Jan-16 x

Robinson Marine Construction

Benton Harbor MI Dec-15 x

Palmer Scott & Co.

New Bedford MA Nov-15 x

Seabrook Yacht

Seabrook TX Nov-14 x

Stephens Marine (formerly Stephens Bros.)

Stockton CA Dec-14 x

United Boat Service

City Island NY Dec-14 x

Vinyard Shipbuilding (later Delaware Marine)

Milford DE Nov-15 x

Wood, B. F. (later Elscot Boat and Consolidated SB)

City Island NY Dec-14 x x