Most recent update: April 25, 2021.

Data reported in industry and local journals and publications.
Year Location Shipyard Seller Buyer Type of Sale Price ($mm) Comments
1980 Orange TX Levingston Shipbuilding Ashland Oil Paden, Inc. Assets 28 Spin-off to management
1980 San Diego CA NASSCO Kaiser Industries Morrison-Knudsen Stock 35 Kaiser sold 50% stake
1981 Gretna LA Gretna Machine Gretna Machine Trinity Marine Stock   Later resold
1981 Decatur AL Ingalls Iron Works Ingalls Iron Works Trinity Marine Stock   Later resold
1981 Chickasaw AL Ingalls Iron Works
1982 Chester PA Sun Ship Sun Oil Paden, Inc. Assets 28 Later resold
1982 San Francisco CA Bethlehem San Francisco Bethlehem Steel Todd Shipyards Assets 14 Later resold
1983 East Boston MA Bethlehem Boston Bethlehem Steel Boston Shipyard Assets 6 Later resold
1983 Hoboken NJ  Bethlehem Hoboken Bethlehem Steel Braswell Assets   Later folded
1983 Baltimore MD Bethlehem Key Highway Bethlehem Steel AME/Swirnow Assets 56 Sale failed
1983 Baltimore MD Bethlehem Key Highway Bethlehem Steel Developers Assets   Condos
1983 Baltimore MD Bethlehem Fort McHenry Bethlehem Steel General Ship Repair Assets 4 Operating
1983 San Pedro CA Bethlehem San Pedro Bethlehem Steel Southwest Marine Assets   Later resold
1983 Lorain OH American Ship Building American Ship Bldg. Spitzer Assets 3 Scrap yard
1983 Moss Point MS Halter Moss Point Halter Marine Trinity Marine Stock   Later resold
Lockport LA Halter Lockport
New Orleans LA Halter New Orleans
New Orleans LA Halter Chalmette
1984 Baltimore MD Maryland Shipbuilding Fruehauf Corp. Management Assets 30 Sale failed
1984 Savannah GA Savannah Machine Aegis Corp. Sayler Marine Assets   Operating
1985 East Boston MA Bethlehem Boston Boston Shipyard Cashman Corp. Assets 5 Liquidated
1985 New Orleans LA Avondale Shipyards Ogden Marine Connell Partnership Stock 375 Later resold
1985 Tacoma WA Tacoma Boat Tacoma Boat Investment Group Stock 20 Later folded
1985 Toledo OH Toledo Shipyard American Ship Bldg. Port of Toledo Assets 1 Leased to Manitowoc
1986 Bath ME Bath Iron Works Congoleum Corp. Gibbons, Green Stock 550 Backed by Prudential
1986 Quincy MA Fore River Shipyard General Dynamics State of Massachusetts Assets 50 Later resold
1986 Brooklyn NY Todd Brooklyn Todd Shipyards Rodermond Industries Assets   Later folded
1987 Baltimore MD Maryland Shipbuilding Fruehauf Corp. Port of Maryland Assets 8 Now a car terminal
1987 Savannah GA Savannah Machine Sayler Marine Intermarine USA Assets   Operating
1987 Escatawpa MS Moss Point Marine Moss Point Marine Trinity Marine Stock   Later resold
1987 New Orleans LA Avondale Shipyards Connell Partnership Avondale Industries Stock 287 Later resold
1987 Houston TX Todd Houston Todd Shipyards Platzer Shipyard Assets   Later resold
1987 New Orleans LA Todd New Orleans Todd Shipyards Port of New Orleans Assets 7 Leased to Avondale
1987 San Francisco CA San Francisco Drydock Todd Shipyards Southwest Marine Assets   Later resold
1988 Gulfport MS Lockheed Shipbuilding Lockheed Avondale Industries Assets 21 Later closed
1988 Portland OR Northwest Marine Northwest Marine Southwest Marine Assets 5 Later resold
1988 Tacoma WA Marine Pwr & Eqpmt Marine Pwr & Eqpmt Unimar Stock   Later folded
1989 Savannah GA Thunderbolt Shipyard Lockheed Trinity Marine Assets   Later resold
1989 Beaumont TX Bethlehem Beaumont Bethlehem Steel Trinity Marine Assets   Now a railcar plant
1989 San Diego CA NASSCO Morrison-Knudsen NASSCO ESOP Stock   Later resold
1989 Seattle WA Lockheed Sbldg (#1) Lockheed Port of Seattle Assets 9 Now a terminal
1990 South Boston MA General Ship General Ship General Ship Acqn. Stock 20 Later folded
1990 Galveston TX Todd Galveston (SW plant) Todd Shipyards Fish packers Assets 3 Later resold
1990 Brownsville TX AMFELS Allison-McDermid Keppel Corp. Assets   Operating
1990 San Pedro CA Todd San Pedro Todd Shipyards Port of Los Angeles Assets -2.5 Now a terminal
1991 Savannah GA Thunderbolt Shipyard Trinity Marine Palmer Johnson Assets   Operating
1991 Seattle WA Lockheed Sbldg (#2) Lockheed Port of Seattle Assets   Now a terminal
1992 Chester PA Penn Ship (North) City Capital Corp. Penn Terminals Assets   Now a terminal
1992 Chester PA Penn Ship (Central) City Capital Corp. Metro Machine Assets 10 Inactive
1992 Panama City FL Eastern Marine Eastern Marine Trinity Marine Assets   Later resold
1992 Mobile AL Alabama Shipyard ADDSCO Atlantic Marine Assets 25 Operating
1993 Gulfport MS CEMCO CEMCO Trinity Marine Assets   Later resold
1993 Pearlington MS Gulf Coast Fabrication Gulf Coast Fabrication Trinity Marine Stock 4 Later resold
1993 New Orleans LA Algiers Drydock Algiers Drydock Bollinger Shipyards Stock   Operating
1993 Galveston TX Todd Galveston Todd Shipyards Port of Galveston Assets 6 Later resold
1994 New Orleans LA Harvey Quick Repair Avondale Industries Bollinger Shipyards Assets   Operating
1995 Tampa FL Tampa Shipyards American Ship Bldg Tampa Shipbuilding Assets 5 Later resold
1995 Pascagoula MS Chicago Bridge & Iron Chicago Bridge & Iron Trinity Marine Assets 7 Later resold
1995 New Orleans LA American Marine American Marine Trinity Marine Assets 3 Later resold
1995 Orange TX Chicago Bridge & Iron Chicago Bridge & Iron Trinity Marine Assets   Later resold
1995 Port Arthur TX Bethlehem Sabine Bethlehem Steel Texas Drydock Assets   Later resold
1996 Bath ME Bath Iron Works Prudential Securities General Dynamics Stock 300 Operating
1996 Sparrows Point MD Bethlehem Sparrows Point Bethlehem Steel Veritas Capital Assets 15 Operating
1996 Newport News VA Newport News Sbldg. Tenneco Newport News Sbldg. Stock 500 Spin-off to stockholders
1996 Morgan City LA McDermott Shipbuilding McDermott Bollinger Shipyards Assets   Operating
Amelia LA McDermott Shipbuilding
1996 Gulfport MS Trinity's "blue-water" yards Trinity Marine Halter Marine Stock   Spin-off to stockholders
1997 Quincy MA Fore River Shipyard State of Mass. Mass. Heavy Industries Assets 5 Later folded
1997 Tampa FL Tampa Shipyards Tampa Port Authority Tampa Bay Shipbuilding Lease 10 Operating
1997 Gulfport MS McDermott (Seaway Yard) McDermott Halter Marine Assets   Later resold
Gulfport MS McDermott (3 Rivers Yard)
1997 Orange TX Texas Drydock City Capital Halter Marine Stock 47 Later resold
1997 Sabine Pass TX McDermott Shipbuilding McDermott Halter Marine Assets   Later resold
1997 Houston TX Bludworth Bond Bludworth Bond Halter Marine Assets 5 Later resold
1997 Texas City TX Bludworth Bond
1997 Orange TX Orange Shipbuilding Orange Shipbuilding Conrad Industries Stock 25 Operating
1997 San Diego CA Southwest Marine Southwest Marine U.S. Marine Repair Stock 90 Operating
San Pedro CA Southwest Marine
San Francisco CA San Francisco Drydock
Ingleside TX Southwest Marine
1997 Sturgeon Bay WI Peterson Builders Peterson Developers Assets   Condos
1997 San Diego CA Continental Maritime Continental Maritime Newport News Sbldg. Stock 4 Operating
1997 Houston TX Platzer Shipyard Trinity Marine First Wave Assets   Operating
1997 Galveston TX Todd Galveston (SW plant) John Bludworth Marine First Wave Stock 19 Operating
Pasadena TX John Bludworth Marine
1997 Galveston TX Todd Galveston (main yard) Galveston Wharves First Wave Lease 29 Operating
1998 Sulphur LA Calcasieu Shipyard Calcasieu Shipyard Halter Marine Stock 10 Later resold
1998 Portland OR Portland Shipyard Port of Portland Cascade General Assets 39 Sale failed
1998 San Diego CA NASSCO NASSCO ESOP General Dynamics Stock 415 Operating
1998 Norfolk VA Norshipco Norshipco U.S. Marine Repair Stock 25 Operating
1998 San Diego CA Pacific Ship Repair Pacific Ship Repair U.S. Marine Repair Stock   Operating
1998 Newport News VA Newport News Sbldg Newport News Sbdg General Dynamics Stock 1,245 Sale failed
1999 Newport News VA Newport News Sbldg Newport News Sbldg Litton Industries Stock   Sale failed
1999 New Orleans LA Avondale Industries Avondale Industries Newport News Sbldg Stock 470 Sale failed
1999 New Orleans LA Avondale Industries Avondale Industries Litton Industries Stock 590 Operating
1998 Galveston TX Galveston Shipbuilding Galveston Shipbuilding First Wave Assets 5 Operating
1999 Orange TX Chicago Bridge & Iron Trinity Marine Halter Marine Stock 15 Later resold
1999 Gulfport TX Halter Marine Group Halter Marine Group Friede Goldman Stock 270 Operating
1999 Morgan City LA Service Marine Service Marine Bollinger Shipyards Assets   Operating
1999 Savannah GA Savannah Drydock Intermarine USA Intermarine Savannah Assets 15 Later resold
2000 New Orleans LA Trinity Yachts Friede Goldman Halter John Dane III Assets 5 Operating
New Orleans LA Equitable Shipyards
2000 New Orleans LA Halter Gulf Repair Friede Goldman Halter Bollinger Shipyards Assets 60 Operating
Gretna LA   Gretna Machine
Calcasieu LA Halter Calcasieu
Houston TX Bludworth Bond
Texas City TX Bludworth Bond
2000 Panama City FL Eastern Marine Friede Goldman Halter Eastern Shipbuilding Assets   For non-marine use only
2000 Portland OR Portland Shipyard Cascade General Cammell Laird Stock 50 49% of Stock
2000 Portland OR Portland Shipyard Port of Portland Cascade General Assets 31 Operating
2000 Marinette WI Marinette Marine Marinette Marine Manitowoc Corp. Stock 48 Operating
2001 Pascagoula MS Litton Industries Litton Industries Northrop Grumman Stock 5,100 Operating
2001 Chester PA Metro Machine of PA Metro Machine State of PA Assets 13 Debt forgiveness, closed
2001 Honolulu HI Marisco Marisco U.S. Marine Repair     Operating
2001 Houma LA Houma Fabricators Houma Fabricators Scheepswerf de Hoop     Operating
2001 Newport News VA Newport News Sbldg Newport News Sbdg General Dynamics Stock 2,100 Sale failed
2001 Newport News VA Newport News Sbldg Newport News Sbdg Northrop Grumman Stock 2,600 Operating
2002 Norfolk VA Norshipco Carlyle Group United Defense Industries Stock 316 Operating
Ingleside TX Southwest Marine Operating
San Diego CA Southwest Marine Operating
San Pedro CA Southwest Marine Operating
San Francisco CA San Francisco Dry Dock Operating
Honolulu HI Marisco Operating
2002 Pascagoula MS Halter Pascagoula Friede Goldman Halter Singapore Technologies Assets 67 Operating
Moss Point MS Halter Moss Point Operating
Escatawpa MS Moss Point Marine Operating
Gulfport MS Halter Gulfport Later resold
Gulfport MS Halter Gulfport Central Later resold
Pearlington MS Halter Port Bienville Later resold
Lockport LA Halter Lockport Later resold
2003 Pascagoula MS FGO East Friede Goldman Halter Signal International Assets 61 Operating
Pascagoula MS FGO West Operating
Orange TX FGOT Orange Operating
Port Arthur TX FGOT Dockyard Operating
Port Arthur TX FGOT North Operating
Sabine Pass TX FGOT Sabine Operating
2003 Lockport LA Halter Lockport VT Halter Marine Thoma-Sea Boatbuilders Assets 1.5 Operating
2003 Savannah GA Savannah Drydock Worldcom Palmer Johnson Assets 10 Later resold
2004 Savannah GA Savannah Drydock Palmer Johnson Global Ship Systems Assets 14 Operating
2004 Honolulu HI Honolulu Shipyard Honolulu Shipyard U.S. Marine Repair Assets 16 Operating
2004 Pearlington MS Halter Port Bienville VT Halter Marine Jimmy Levins Assets 2 Inactive
2004 Gulfport MS Halter Three Rivers Estate of FGH D. & H. Marine, LLC Assets 1 Operating
2005 Gulfport MS Halter Gulfport Central VT Halter Marine Gulf Coast Hatteras Assets   Operating
2005 Erie PA Metro Machine of PA Western Penn. Port Auth. Erie Shipbuilding Lease   Operating
2005 Gulfport MS Halter Gulfport VT Halter Marine Trinity Yachts Assets   Operating
2005 Gulfport MS Unnamed facility Not known U.S. Marine     Operating
2005 Brownsville PA Hillman Barge HBC Corp. Heartland Transportation Assets   Operating
2005 Houma LA Houma Fabricators Scheepswerf de Hoop Otto Candies     Operating
2006 Gulfport MS Gulf Ship Not known Edison Chouest     Operating
2006 Jacksonville FL Atlantic Marine Atlantic Marine Holdings JFL Partners   180? Operating
Jacksonville FL Atlantic Dry Dock Operating
Mobile AL Alabama Shipyard Operating
Mobile AL Atlantic Marine Mobile Operating
2006 Beaumont TX Trinity Beaumont Trinity Industries Chicago Bridge & Iron Assets   Inactive
2006 Mobile AL Austal USA Bender Shipbuilding Austal Stock 15 30% of stock
2006 Kingstown RI Senesco Senesco Reinauer Transportation     Operating
2007 Philadelphia PA Metro Machine of PA Phila. Ind. Dev. Corp. Boston Ship Repair Lease   Operating
2007 Savannah GA Global Ship Systems Fortress Inv. Group Fortress Inv. Group Assets 18 Inactive
2008 Everett WA Everett Shipyard Everett Shipyard Todd Shipyards Assets   Operating
2008 Tampa FL Tampa Bay Shipbuilding Bender Shipbuilding Edison Chouest Stock   Operating
2008 Freeland WA Nichols Bros. Boatbuilding Nichols Bros. Ice Floe LLC Stock   Operating
2008 Marinette WI Marinette Marine Manitowoc Corp. Fincantieri Assets 120 Operating
Sturgeon Bay WI Bay Shipbuilding Operating
Cleveland OH Cleveland Ship Repair Operating
2008 Boston MA Boston Ship Repair Boston Ship Acquisition JFL Partners Stock   Operating
Philadelphia PA Boston SR of Phila Operating
2010 Mobile AL Bender Shipbuilding Bender Shipbuilding Signal International Assets  31 Operating
2010 Jacksonville FL Atlantic Marine Florida Atlantic Marine Holdings BAE Systems Assets 352 Operating
Mobile AL Atlantic Marine Alabama Operating
2010 Pascagoula MS Colle Shipyard Colle Towing Signet Maritime Assets   Operating
2010 Sulphur LA Calcasieu Shipyard Calcasieu Shipyard Leevac Shipyards Assets   Operating
2010 Savannah GA Global Ship Systems Creditors Colonial Terminals Assets 10 Inactive
2010 Seattle WA Todd Shipyards Todd Shipyards Vigor Industrial Stock 130 Operating
Everett WA Everett Shipyard
2011 Newport News VA Newport News SB Northrop Grumman Huntington Ingalls Industries Stock 3,800 Operating
Pascagoula MS Ingalls SB Operating
New Orleans LA Avondale SY Operating, later closed
San Diego CA Continental Maritime Operating
2011 Houma LA Mariner Shipyard Mariner Industries Bordelon Marine Assets   Inactive
2011 Vicksburg MS LeTourneau Rowan Companies Joy Global Stock 1,100 Operating
2011 Norfolk VA Metro Machine Metro Machine GD NASSCO Assets   Operating
2011 Port Arthur TX Burton Shipyard Vessel Repair Inc. Assets Operating
2011 La Conner WA Pacific Mariner Mavrik Marine Assets Operating
2012 Ketchikan AK Alaska Ship & Dock Alaska Ship & Dock Vigor Industrial Assets   Operating
2012 Norfolk VA Earl Industries Earl Industries GD NASSCO Assets   Operating
2012 Vicksburg MS LeTourneau Joy Global Cameron International Assets   Operating, later closed
2013 Houma LA Quality Shipyards Tidewater Marine Leevac Shipyards Assets   Operating
2013 Boston MA Northeast Ship Repair JFL Partners Plexus/Newspring Stock   Operating
Philadelphia PA Operating
2013 Orange TX Signal Texas Signal International Westport Orange SY Assets 37 Operating
2013 Pascagoula MS FGO Pascagoula Signal Mississippi World Marine Assets   Operating
2013 Mobile AL Bender Shipbuilding Signal Alabama   Assets   Operating
2013 Bayou La Batre AL Offshore Trawlers Offshore Trawlers Horizon SB Assets   Operating
2014 Seward AK Seward Ship's Dry Dock Seward Ship's Dry Dock Vigor Industrial Assets   Operating
2014 Clackamas OR OIW Clackamas Oregon Iron Works Vigor Industrial Stock   Operating
Portland OR OIW Portland
2014 Westport WA Westport Shipyards Westport Shipyards Chouest family Assets   Operating
Port Angeles WA
Hoquiam WA
2014 Escanaba MI Basic Towing   North Shore Marine Term.     Operating
2014 Chicago IL Chicago Dry Dock Chicago Dry Dock TPG Marine Enterprises Assets   Operating
2014 Lockport LA Bollinger Lockport NC Bollinger Shipyards Ben Bordelon/Chouest Assets   Operating
Lockport LA Bollinger Lockport Repair
Amelia LA Bollinger Marine Fab.
New Orleans LA Bollinger Algiers
Amelia LA Bollinger Amelia Repair
Golden Meadow LA Bollinger Fourchon
Larose LA Bollinger Larose
Morgan City LA Bollinger Morgan City
Harvey LA Bollinger Quick Repair
Texas City TX Bollinger Texas City
2015 Gulfport MS Gulf Coast Shipyard Group Gulf Coast Shipyard Group Harvey Shipyard Group Assets   Operating
New Orleans LA Trinity Yachts
2015 Seattle WA Kvichak Marine Management Vigor Ballard Stock   Operating
2015 Mobile AL C. & G. Boat Works Management Blakely Boat Works Assets   Operating
2015 Houma LA Main Iron Works Management Cenac Towing Assets   Operating
2015 Jennings LA Leevac Shipyard Leevac Shipyards Gulf Island SY Assets   Operating, closed 2020
Houma LA Quality Shipyard Assets   Operating, closed 2020
2015 Vancouver WA Christensen Yachts Christensen Yachts Henry Luken/Vigor Ind. Assets   Operating
2017 Channelview TX Sneed SB Channelview Sneed SB San Jac Marine Assets 15 Operating
2017 Pascagoula MS Signal Mississippi World Marine LLC VT Halter Marine, Inc. Assets 25 Operating
2017 Fort Bragg CA Van Peer Boat Works   Noyo Boatwork Assets   Operating
2017 Bayou La Batre AL Horizon SB West Bank Horizon Shipbuilding Metal Shark Marine Assets   Operating
Horizon SB East Bank
2018 Port Angeles WA Armstrong Marine Renaissance Group Brix Marine     Operating
2018 Freeport FL Freeport Shipbuilding Stuart Reeves Gulfstream Shipbuilding     Operating
2018 Ashland City TN Trinity Ashland City Trinity Marine Arcosa Marine Assets   Operating
Caruthersville MO Trinity Caruthersville
Madisonville LA Trinity Madisonville
2018 Harvey LA FMT Shipyard Nabors Offshore Florida Marine Tptn. Assets   Operating
2019 Ketchikan AK Vigor Alaska     Vigor Industrial Titan Acquisition Holdings Assets   Operating
Seward AK
Seattle WA Vigor Ballard
Clackamas OR Vigor Clackamas
Port Angeles WA Vigor Port Angeles
Everett WA
Portland OR Vigor Portland
Seattle WA Vigor Seattle
Tacoma WA Vigor Tacoma
Vancouver WA Vigor Vancouver
2019 Norfolk VA MHI Ship Repair Stellex Capital Mgmt. Titan Acquisition Holdings Assets   Operating
2020 San Diego CA HII San Diego Huntington Ingalls Titan Acquisition Holdings Assets   Operating
2021 Houma LA Gulf Island SY Gulf Island SY Bollinger Shipyards Assets 26 Operating
2021 Bridgeport CT Bridgeport Boatworks Bridgeport Boatworks Hornblower Shipyards Lease   Operating