Thomas Collyer, New York NY

William Collyer, New York NY

Most recent update: January 23, 2013.

Thomas Collyer and William Collyer were brothers who had started in shipbuilding up the Hudson River.  In 1844 they went into a partnership, in a shipyard in Manhattan, at the foot of 12th Street.   In 1847, however, they dissolved the partnership, with William staying put and Thomas moving to a yard at the foot of 21st Street.  Both continued to build ships until the end of the Civil War.  The table below is clearly incomplete: if anyone has any data to add to it, please send it to me at

Original Name Original Owner Type Wood or Iron GT Built Disposition
Built by Thomas & William Collyer
Built by Thomas Collyer
Bienville C. & R. Poillon Steamer W 986 1851 Later United States, sold to Cuban owners in 1855 and renamed Mexico
El Dorado U.S. Mail SS Co Steamer W   1851 Scrapped 1853
Confucius   Tug W   1853  
Spirit of the Times Griswold & Co Clipper Ship W 1,200 1853  
Peiho Russell & Co   W 1,113 1859 Built for China service
White Cloud     W 520 1859 Built for China service
Hankow Forbes & Co. Schooner W 800 1861 Chinese service
Honduras   Steamer W 375 1861  
Shantung Everett & Co. Schooner W 600 1862  
Thomas Collyer Alliance Machine Co. Steamer W 506 1862  
Touitia Russell & Co. Schooner W 502 1862  
Built by William Collyer
Reindeer New Brunswick SB Co   W 790 1850 Sunk by boiler explosion and fire, Hudson R., 1852; 36 killed
St. Lawrence     W 588 1850  
Mexico Charles Morgan   W 1,043 1851 Sold foreign, 1870
Sierra Nevada Empire City Line Steamer W   1852 Wrecked on a reef south of Monterey 1869
Black Warrior NY & Mobile SS Co Steamer W 1,350 1852  
George Law Thomas Collyer   W 228 1852  
Texas Empire City Line Steamer W 1,246 1852 Grounded and wrecked off San Simeon, CA, 1869
Panama N.L. & G. Griswold Clipper Ship W 1,139 1853  
Cahawba     W 1,643 1854  
Mercury     W   1854  
Nashville Spofford, Tileston & Co Steamer W 1,220 1854  
  NY & Mobile SS Co Steamer W 1,350 1854  
Jacob Duryea   Barge W   1854  
Alice C. Price   Steamer W   1854  
Josephine G. Collyer   Schooner W   1854  
Roebuck Reynolds & Cushman Clipper Ship W 456 1856  
Columbia Spofford, Tileston & Co   W 1,347 1857  
Dawn George Savory, et al. Clipper Ship W 387 1857  
Western World   Psgr./Cargo W 441 1857  
Yangtsze Russell & Co   W 1,003 1857 Built for Chinese service; employed in the opium trade
Fire-Dart Heard & Co. Schooner W 660 1860  
Yankee     W 376 1860  
Monohasset New Bedford & Edgartown SB Co Steamer W 450 1865