Other Pre-WWI New England Shipbuilders

Most recent update: May 20, 2016.

This table attempts to cover those other shipbuilders located in Connecticut or Massachusetts that were active in the years between the Civil War and World War One.  If anyone has any data to add to this table, please send it to me at timcolton@aol.com

Shipbuilder Location Hull # O.N. Original Name Original Owner Type GT Built Disposition
Curtis, John J. Boston MA     Rattlesnake Shoal U.S. Lighthouse Service Light Ship 232 1870 LV 38, sold 1892
Cushman, Rufus Boston MA     C. W. Thomas McKay & Aldus Steamer 254    
Gilbert, M. L. Mystic CT     Marie Gilbert Gilbert Tptn Co Cargo 586 1906 Wrecked near Mayport FL 1907
Hawkes, R. P. Watertown MA     Watertown J. E. Cassidy Cargo 300 1890 Burnt Shirley Gut 1892
Kelly, D. D. Boston MA   219095 Jack O'Lantern   Passenger 1,018 1903 Scrapped 1921
Kelly, D. J. East Boston MA     Swampscott   Ferry 482 1882 Burnt at Peak's Island Slip 1934
Lawrence, J. L. East Boston MA     City of Boston Winnisimmet Ferry Co Ferry 487 1880 Barge 1917
Lockwood Mfg East Boston MA     Longfellow   Psgr/Cargo 413 1883 Foundered off Highland Light 1904
Lockwood Mfg East Boston MA     James Wooley    Tug   1899 To USN 1918 as YT 45, struck 1936 
New London Groton CT     Fulton   Sub Tender 1,190 1914 Sunk as target 1891
Pierce, G. Chelsea MA     Nahant Nahant SB Co Cargo 398 1878 Later General Lincoln 1884, Mayflower 1930, abandoned 1935
Pook Fairhaven MA     Hibiscus   Cargo 406 1864  
Pook Fairhaven MA     Spirea   Cargo 406 1864  
Reed Bros Fall River MA     Sagamore   Cargo 173 1900   
Reed, H. R. Marshfield MA     Coos Bay   Cargo 545 1884 Wrecked Ventura CA 1914
Roach & Sons, John New London CT     John L. Lawrence    Tug 150 1877  
Smith & Townsend Boston MA     Penobscot   Passenger 1,414 1882 Later Mohawk 1912, missing 1918
Thames Marine New London CT     Paul Jones Thames Tow Boat Co Tug 945 1903  
Thames Tow Boat New London CT     Nathan Hale Thames Tow Boat Co Cargo 300 1890 To USN 1917 as YT 38, sold 1921 
Tufts Iron Works Boston MA     Little Tom   Tanker 10 1901  
Tufts Iron Works Boston MA     Eleanor     17 1903  
Tufts Iron Works Boston MA     Polo     41 1903  
Unknown Chelsea MA     Palos U.S. Navy Tug 420 1866 Later Admiral 1875, burnt 1904
Unknown Boston MA     Saturn   Tug 125 1911