Sources of Data

Books and Other Documents:

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Web Sites:

(1)   "NAVSOURCE Photo Archive" ( - by far the best!

(2)   "Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships" (

(3)   "Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships" (

(4)   "Naval Vessel Register" (

(5)   "Record" (American Bureau of Shipping) (

(6)   "The Liberty Ship Page" (

(7)   "The T-2 Tanker Page" (

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(10)   "Miramar Ship Index" (

(11)   The Coast Guard's data base (

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(13)   "BoatInfoWorld"'s version of the Coast Guard's data base (

(14)   "U.S. Navy Harbor Tug Boats" (

(15)   "Ship Scribe" (

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(17)   Transport Canada's Vessel Registration System (



Numerous periodicals, including "Marine Log", the Naval Institute's "Proceedings", the Navy League's "Sea Power", the RINA's "Warship", "Offshore", "Workboat", "Waterways Journal", "Tradewinds", "Fairplay", "Lloyd's List", "Professional Mariner", "Defense News" and others.


Special-Interest Web Sites and Blogs:

The countless web sites and blogs organized by and for people with interests in different aspects of U.S. naval and maritime history.



The web sites and SEC filings of individual shipbuilders, ship owners and operators, marine manufacturers and other companies involved in the maritime industry.



Several individuals have made tremendous contributions, for which I am particularly grateful.  Listed alphabetically, they are David Asprey, Carel and Hugo Boon, Per Bro, Kevin Kopp, Ingo Steller and Rollie Webb.  In addition, countless other individuals throughout the industry and around the world have sent in a host of additions, corrections and updates.