Since the nation's earliest days, the U.S. Navy has operated its own shipyards.  There were 13 in total, four of which are still active.   In addition, eight naval stations - one in the U.S., seven overseas - had some shipbuilding capability.  At the end of WWII, the Navy terminated or cancelled almost all new ship construction contracts and only a few new ships were built in the Naval Shipyards thereafter.  Then, in 1972, a report was published that demonstrated that ships built in Naval Shipyards cost, on average, about 30% more than ships built by private-sector shipbuilders: as a result, all new ship construction in the Naval Shipyards ceased and five of the nine remaining yards were closed.  Finally, the U.S. Coast Guard maintains its own yard in Baltimore MD: a host of boats have been built there over the years but it is now primarily a maintenance facility.


Location State Est. Closed Disposition

Active Public Shipyards (5)

Norfolk NSY

Portsmouth VA 1767 Maintains ships of the Atlantic Fleet

Pearl Harbor NSY

Honolulu HI 1908 Maintains ships of the Pacific Fleet

Portsmouth NSY

Kittery ME 1800 Maintains nuclear submarines

Puget Sound NSY

Bremerton WA 1901 Decommissions nuclear-powered submarines

Coast Guard Yard

Baltimore MD 1899 Maintains Coast Guard cutters and craft

Inactive Public Shipyards and Bases (10)

Boston NSY

Charlestown MA 1800 1974 Turned over to the National Parks Service

Charleston NSY

Charleston SC 1901 1996 Turned over to the City of Charleston

Mare Island NSY

Vallejo CA 1854 1996 Turned over to the City of Vallejo

New York NSY

Brooklyn NY 1800 1966 Turned over to the City of New York

Philadelphia NSY

Philadelphia PA 1801 1996 Turned over to the City of Philadelphia

Long Beach NSY

Long Beach CA 1943 1997 Turned over to the City and Port of Long Beach

New Orleans NS

New Orleans LA 1901 2011 Converted into a "federal city"

Pensacola NSY

Pensacola FL 1825 1911 Converted into a naval air station

San Francisco NSY

Hunters Point CA 1941 1969 Turned over to the City of San Francisco

Washington NSY

Washington DC 1799 1883 Retained by the Navy and used for a variety of shore establishments

Overseas Bases (7)

Cavite NS

Cavite RP 1899 1992 Turned over to the Govt. of the Philippines

Culebra NS

Culebra PR Turned over to the Govt. of Puerto Rico

Guam NS

Apra GU 1944 Active

Guantanamo NS

Guantanamo CU 1903 Active

Olongapo NS

Olongapo RP 1899 1992 Turned over to the Govt. of the Philippines

Panama NS

Balboa CZ Turned over to the Govt. of Panama

Tutuila NS

Pago Pago AS 1899 1951 Turned over to the Dept. of the Interior