U.S. Emergency Boatbuilders

In both world wars, the U.S. Government stimulated the creation of a large number of emergency shipyards.  Some were devoted to naval shipbuilding, others to merchant shipbuilding.  In addition to the large yards that built oceangoing naval and commercial ships, there were many more that built small ships, boats and barges.  Some were repair yards which only built ships for the duration of the emergency.  Many built the simpler types of ships required by the Army and the Coast Guard, as well as the Navy.  The civilian agencies involved were the U.S. Shipping Board, in World War I, and the U.S. Maritime Commission, in World War II.  Most of the emergency yards closed and were liquidated at the end of the war, or soon thereafter, or returned to their pre-war activities.  A few took on a new life and are listed in other categories of this collection.  The tables presented here are generally far from complete, most only documenting wartime construction.  The wartime construction programs are themselves not well documented and there is very little information on what happened to these boats at the end of the war. 


Location State Most Recent Update


Atlantic Coast (29)

American Machinery

Beresford FL Dec-14

Cambridge Shipbuilders

Cambridge MD Dec-14

Camden Shipbuilding

Camden ME Dec-14

Continental Shipbuilding

Brooklyn NY May-15

Daytona Beach Boat Works

Daytona Beach FL Dec-14

Delaware Bay Shipbuilding

Leesburg VA Dec-14

East Coast Shipyards

Bayonne NJ Dec-14

Elizabeth City Shipyard

Elizabeth City NC Dec-14

Harris & Parsons

East Greenwich RI Dec-14

John & Associates

Rye NY Dec-14

Knutson Shipbuilding

Halesite NY Dec-14

Lancaster Ironworks

Perryville MD Dec-14

Manteo Boatbuilding

Manteo NC Jan-17

Miami Shipbuilding

Miami FL Jan-15

Moyer & Son

Ocean City NJ Jan-15

Muzzio Bros.

Stamford CT Jan-15

New Jersey Shipbuilding

Barber NJ Jan-15

Northeast Shipbuilding

Quincy MA Jan-15

Penn-Jersey Shipbuilding

Camden NJ May-17

Perkins & Vaughan

Wickford RI Jan-15

Robinson, W. A.

Ipswich MA Jan-15

Simms Bros.

Dorchester MA Jul-18

Sullivan Drydock & Repair

Brooklyn NY Jan-15

Ventnor Boat Works

Atlantic City NJ Dec-14

Warren Boat Yard

Warren RI Jan-15

Wheeler Shipbuilding

Whitestone NY Jan-15

Gulf Coast (6)

Allen Boat Company

Harvey LA Jan-15

Decatur Iron & Steel

Decatur AL Jan-15

Pendleton Shipyard Co.

New Orleans LA Jan-15

Rice Brothers Company

Rockport TX Jan-15

Smith's Shipyard

Pensacola FL May-15

Warren Fish

Pensacola FL Jan-15

Inland and Great Lakes (21)

American Cruiser

Trenton MI Jan-15

Bison Shipbuilding

Buffalo NY Jan-15

Chrysler Corp.

Detroit MI Jan-15

Darby Steel Products

Kansas City KS Jan-15

Eddy Shipbuilding

Bay City MI Jan-15

Erie Concrete & Supply

Erie PA Jan-15

Fisher Boatworks

Detroit MI Jan-15

Inland Waterways

Duluth MN Jan-15

Kansas City Steel

Kansas City KS Jan-15

Kewaunee Shipbuilding

Kewaunee WI Jan-15

Mount Vernon Bridge & Iron

Ironton OH Jan-15

Niagara Shipbuilding

Buffalo NY Jan-15

Northwest Engineering

Green Bay WI Jan-15

Odenbach Shipbuilding

Rochester NY Jan-15

Omaha Steel Works

Omaha NE Jan-15

Peterson & Haecker

Blair NE May-15

Pidgeon-Thomas Iron Works

Memphis TN Jan-15

Pullman Standard Car

Chicago IL Jan-15

Quincy Bargebuilders

Quincy IL Jan-15

Stadium Yacht Basin

Cleveland OH Jan-15

Zenith Dredge Company

Duluth MN Jan-15

Pacific Coast (34)

Ackerman Boat

Newport Beach CA Dec-14

Anacortes Shipways

Anacortes WA May-15

Barbee Marine Yards

Renton WA Jan-15

Basalt Rock Co.

Napa CA Jan-15

Birchfield Shipbuilding

Tacoma WA Jan-15

Chilman Shipyard

Hoquiam WA Jan-15

Cryer & Sons

Oakland CA Jan-15

Eureka Shipbuilding

Fields Landing CA Jan-17

Everett Pacific Shipbuilding

Everett WA Jan-15

Gig Harbor Shipbuilding

Gig Harbor WA May-15

Grays Harbor Shipbuilding

Aberdeen WA Jan-15

Hickinbotham Bros./Guntert & Zimmerman

Stockton CA Jan-15

Hillstrom Shipbuilding

Coos Bay OR Jan-15


Long Beach CA Jan-15

Hoquiam Shipyard

Hoquiam WA Jan-15

Kyle & Co.

Stockton CA Jan-15

Mojean & Ericson

Tacoma WA Jan-15

Motor Boat Marina

Seattle WA Jan-15

Northwestern Shipbuilding

South Bellingham WA Jan-15

Olson & Winge

Seattle WA Jan-15

Pacific Bridge Company

San Francisco CA Jan-15

Pacific Car & Foundry

Renton/Seattle/Tacoma WA Jan-15

Peterson Shipbuilding

Tacoma WA May-15

Peyton Co.

Newport Beach CA Dec-14

Pollock-Stockton Shipbuilding

Stockton CA Jan-15

Puget Sound Boatbuilding

Tacoma WA Jan-15

Reliable Welding Works

Olympia WA Jan-15

South Coast Shipyard

Newport Beach CA Jul-15

United Concrete Pipe

Los Angeles CA May-15

Victory Shipbuilding

Newport Beach CA Dec-14

Wood, Clyde W.

Stockton CA Jan-15


Barrett Shipbuilding

Mobile AL Jan-15

Camden Anchor

Camden ME May-15

Clayton Ship and Boatbuilding

Clayton NY Jan-15

College Point Boats

College Point NY Jan-15

Crowninshield Shipbuilding

Fall River MA Jan-15

Eastern Shipyard

Greenport NY Sep-15

Eastern Shore Shipbuilding

Sharptown MD Jan-15

Ferguson Iron & Steel

Buffalo NY Oct-16

Fry, L. E.

Clayton NY Jan-15

General SB & Aero

Alexandria VA Jan-15

International Shipbuilding

Upper Nyack NY Jan-15

McDonald, Alex

Staten Island NY Jan-15

Newcomb Lifeboat

Hampton VA Jan-15

Northwest Engineering Works

Green Bay WI Jan-15

Rocky River Dry Dock

Rocky River OH Jan-15

Southland Shipbuilding

Savannah GA Jan-15

Whitney Bros.

Superior WI May-15