In both world wars, the U.S. Government stimulated the creation of a large number of emergency shipyards.  Some were devoted to naval shipbuilding, others to merchant shipbuilding, while some were primarily repair yards which also built a few ships.  Many of the existing commercial shipbuilders also built some of the simpler types of naval ships.  The civilian agencies involved were the U.S. Shipping Board, in World War I, and the U.S. Maritime Commission, in World War II.  Almost all these emergency yards closed at the end of the war, or soon thereafter, although a few took on a new life and reappeared later under a different name.  The tables in this section cover those emergency yards that built naval or merchant ships, including DEs and LSTs: these types of ship were also, of course, also built by the  shipbuilders covered in the lists of Large Shipbuilders and Naval Shipyards.  The yards that built small ships, boats and barges are covered in the lists of Emergency Boatbuilders, Small Shipbuilders and Boatbuilders and Small Yachtbuilders.  The tables presented here are about as complete as is possible, at least as far as the emergency contracts are concerned, because the construction programs are well documented, as are the fates of the ships that were built.



State Built

New England Shipbuilding

S. Portland ME EC2

Bethlehem-Hingham Shipyard

Hingham MA DE, LST

Walsh-Kaiser Company

Providence RI EC2, PF, AKA

Bethlehem-Fairfield Shipyards

Baltimore MD EC2, VC2, LST

North Carolina Shipbuilding

Wilmington NC EC2, C2, AKA

Southeastern Shipbuilding

Savannah GA EC2, C1

J. A. Jones Construction

Brunswick GA EC2, C1

St. John's River Shipbuilding

Jacksonville FL EC2, T1

J. A. Jones Construction

Panama City FL EC2, T1

Delta Shipbuilding

New Orleans LA EC2

Consolidated Steel Corp.

Orange TX DE

Todd Houston Shipbuilding

Houston TX EC2, T1

Brown Shipbuilding

Houston TX DE

California Shipbuilding

Los Angeles CA EC2, VC2

Consolidated Steel Corp.

Wilmington CA C1, C2, PF, AP

Permanente No. 1 Yard

Richmond CA EC2, VC2

Permanente No. 2 Yard

Richmond CA EC2, VC2

Permanente No. 3 Yard

Richmond CA C4

Kaiser Richmond No. 4 Yard

Richmond CA C1, LST, PF

Marinship Corporation

Sausalito CA EC2, T2

Oregon Shipbuilding

Portland OR EC2, VC2

Kaiser Swan Island

Portland OR T2

Kaiser Vancouver

Vancouver WA EC2, C4,LST, CVE

Missouri Valley Bridge & Iron

Evansville IN LST

Chicago Bridge & Iron

Seneca IL LST

Cargill Inc.

Savage MN T1

Froemming Bros.

Milwaukee WI C1, V, PF

Butler Shipbuilders, Walter

Superior WI C1, N, PF

Globe Shipbuilding

Superior WI C1, V, PF

Wooden Shipbuilders


Concrete Shipbuilders




Atlantic Coast (15)

American Int'l. Shipbuilding

Hog Island PA

Atlantic Corp.

Portsmouth NH

Carolina Shipbuilding

Wilmington NC

Downey Shipbuilding

Arlington NY

Foundation Company

Kearny/Newark NJ

Merchant Shipbuilding

Bristol PA

Newburgh Shipyards

Newburgh NY

Providence Engineering

Providence RI

Pusey & Jones

Gloucester City NJ

Standard Shipbuilding

Shooters Island NY

Submarine Boat Company

Newark NJ

Terry Shipbuilding

Savannah GA

Texas Steamship

Bath ME

Union Shipbuilding Co.

Baltimore MD

Virginia Shipbuilding

Alexandria VA
Gulf Coast (7)

Daniels Company, Oscar

Tampa FL

Doullut & Williams

New Orleans LA

Foundation Company

New Orleans LA

Mobile Shipbuilding

Mobile AL

National Shipbuilding Co.

Orange TX

National Shipbuilding Corp.

Violet LA

Pensacola Shipbuilding

Pensacola FL
Great Lakes and Inland Waterways (2)

Globe Shipbuilding

Superior WI

Saginaw Shipbuilding

Saginaw MI
Pacific Coast (12)

Ames Shipbuilding

Seattle WA

Columbia River Shipbuilding

Portland OR

Duthie Shipbuilding, J. F.

Seattle WA

Foundation Company

Portland OR
Foundation Company Tacoma WA

Hanlon Dry Dock & SB

Oakland CA

Northwest Steel Company

Portland OR

Pacific Coast Shipbuilding

Bay Point CA

Seattle North Pacific SB

Seattle WA

Skinner & Eddy

Seattle WA

Supple Bollin Shipbuilding

Portland OR

Union Construction Co

Oakland CA
Wooden Shipbuilders (7)


Portland OR
Grant-Smith-Porter Aberdeen WA

Grays Harbor Motor Ship

Aberdeen WA

International Shipbuilding

Orange TX

Shattuck Shipyard

Portsmouth NH

Standifer Construction

Portland OR
Standifer Construction Vancouver WA
Other Wooden Shipbuilders